Wifi Hotspot Monetization & Advertising

WiFi Monetization is directly equivalent to WiFi Marketing. Our core job is to educate the people with the help of quality content. We believe in maintaining transparency and continuous relationship with our clients. We encourage our customers to monetize wifi hotspot to generate more revenue. Conduit WiFi provides the best wifi hotspot monetization solutions which will grow your business and generate revenue.

How monetization works?

  • A WiFi user when he/she uses the WiFi services, the login page is pushed with WiFi advertising and content. The user can be made to run through few pages before he gets on to internet. In service Advertisements can also be pushed.

Wifi Hotspot Monetization

  • With our GT4UK Wifi Access Point brand you can even store up to 128 GB of local content which could also be paid content.
  • WiFi Monetization services can be used by Advertisement agencies, promotion of brands, download of Apps, instant deals etc.
  • With a back end low cost Wi-Fi core, you can even enable a Payment gateway for users to purchase goods.

WiFi Hotspot Monetization Architecture

WiFi Monetization can be implemented with the help of two architectures:

Access Point Level Monetization:

In this architecture the monetization content is locally stored at Access Point. The below architecture represent this.

WiFi Marketing & Advertising


  • Content: It could be advertisements, audio, video, documents coming from various sources. The content has to be uploaded on the content management server manually. If the content source is fixed and regular content updates are required, then a direct integration can also be done with the content source.
  • Content Management Server: This is the heart of the Monetization solution which has the functionalities of:
    • Uploading and storage of content
    • Downloading the content to Access Point
    • Configuring the Captive Portal for individual or groups of Access Point
    • Complete control of all WiFi Access Point parameters
    • Statistical reporting of Advertisement impressions
  • Access Point with local storage: The access point used in this scenario should have local storage. This special access point is an industrial grade access point suitable for public places. It has the captive portal as well as monetization content locally stored, this provides faster access and non-dependency on internet speed. It also provisions a complete library of local content which the users can play, watch, and view without going on internet.

Core Level Monetization:

In this methodology, the Advertisement and content server sits remote with all the advertisements on the remote server. This solution will work with a wide range of Access Points which have WRT or Captive Portal Firmware upgrade. The captive portal will have limitations on content unlike local content AP where huge data can be stored.

If you are looking to monetize your business then Conduit WiFi is the only platform which will deliver you the best wifi hotspot monetization solutions. For better clarity Contact Us with your basic details.