Wi-Fi-Calling Service – Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi)

Wi-Fi-Calling (VoWifi) is an operator-provided service that makes it possible for consumers to make regular phone calls and text messages from their SIM-based mobile phone number, even if they have poor cellular coverage, by utilizing a Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi-Calling Standardization support Seamless handover for VoLTE calls between LTE and Wi-Fi and vice versa. The conversational video is also possible via Wi-Fi “VoLTE”.

  • Wi-Fi-Calling offers the consumers seamless experience, they are reachable on their normal numbers and can place calls using their native dialer and phone book.
  • Wi-Fi-Calling utilizes IMS core to provide a packet voice service over Wi-Fi coverage.

Conduit Solutions Wi-Fi Calling

Conduit Solutions Wifi Calling work for all Android devices, accelerating the service uptake.

Conduit Solutions Wifi Calling Client provides a seamless Voice & SMS user experience over Wifi networks.

Unlike over the top (OTT), the client maintains 3G networks Supplementary, enhanced & regulatory services, with single number

How Does it works:

  • An integrated client detects proper Wi-Fi signals, and route all Telephony service over Wi-Fi/IMS network.
  • Using subscriber credentials for secure registration & Authentication.
  • Uses native phone dialer, phonebook & messaging.
  • Work over any Wi-Fi AP (untrusted + trusted).
  • Support SIM/Non-SIM devices.
  • Complementary to VoLTE, Supports SRVCC.

Solution Highlights – Customized UI


  • Conduit Solutions offers customized In-Call User Interfaces.
  • The user will use native dialer & phonebook to place.Wifi Enabled Network
  • UI covers all call scenarios.
  • Status icon in the status bar.Wifi Calling Solution
  • Client settings allows subscriber to personalize the settings.
  • Support Operators (languages, colors, Icons).

Solution Highlights – Subscriber Location

Subscriber Location

  • Conduit Solutions Client follows strong mechanism to send subscriber location in PANI & PCNI headers.
  • Client will detect Cell & Network IDs and send them in P-ANI header as defined in 3GPP 24.229 section 7.2A.4.3 .
  • If No Coverage  the client will apply the below Steps:
  • Check Offline mode.
  • Check other PLMN
  • Check GPS
  • Check IP address Location

Solution Highlights – Others

Support Dual Sim Smartphones
Full Geo- Redundant Back End Servers
Supports 2g/3g/4g Handover
Logging Options on BE Servers and Clients
Supports IPV4 and IPV6

Secure connectivity for Roamers

  • Roaming customers are always under threat of call interception and tracking
  • When roamers are using Wifi, the authentication is not done using their Mobile Identity
  • Conduit Wifi caller uses Secure tunneling between client and home network for calls and SMS.
  • Wifi Calling is highly secure for Roamers
  • Even for receiving calls, the local network in the roaming country will not know that calls are coming from which country.

Benefits for Consumers


  • Globally 70% of consumer are not satisfied with the indoor Voice quality, reliability & coverage.
  • Wifi Calling offers better indoor coverage.
  • Smartphone users send texts and make voice call indoor as twice than outdoor.

Offered Services

  • Make benefit from VoLTE/IMS enriched services.
  • Place calls from all device even non-SIM based.
  • Use native clients with seamless experience compared to OTT Apps.


  • Consumer can use Wifi-Calling while traveling with cheaper rates.
  • MNO may offer cheaper for calls placed over consumer home wifi.

Benefits for Operators

User Loyalty

  • Better Coverage.
  • Enriched services.

Network performance

  • Better indoor coverage
  • Capacity offloading.
  • Make use of IMS based services over wifi.
  • Complementary service for VoLTE

New revenue Streams

  • Roaming service over un-trusted Wifi
  • Competing with OTTs through standard native services.
  • Technology leadership
  • Cost effective solution compared to small cells.

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