Our WiFi core network can work on cloud with low cost Service Management routers or centralized Service Management Gateway with localized low cost controllers.

Conduit Wifi Core solutions provisions all the necessary functionalities required by WiFi Core as:

AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting)

  • Authentication

– Captive Portal Authentication, different portal pages for different AP, groups, IP address.

– OTP based authentication on SMS, Email, Mobile.

– L2-L3 network identifiers based like MAC, VLAN, IP, CIDR and their combinations.

– External LDAP, RADIUS, ADS integration.

– We provide local RADIUS server on our gateways

  • Authorization

– Service plans authorization through various locally or cloud based Service plans.

– Full support of RADIUS

  • Accounting

Various forms of metering on Metering

– Data consumption

– Sessions Time

– Application and Services

– Various levels of Customization


Policy Control and Rating Function

  • Multi-level Shaping & Policing
  • Bandwidth based policies
  • Time-of-day & day-of-week
  • Peak & Off-peak handling
  • Fair Usage policies
  • Family and group policies
  • Burst Bolt On’s
  • Device based
  • Session based
  • Content based


Billing and Online Charging System

  • Prepaid and Post Paid Billing
  • Consolidated Billing plans
  • Session QoS Billing
  • Fair Usage Policy
  • Flexible and Hybrid plans for charging and Billing
  • Pas as you go billing plans
  • Location based charging
  • Enterprise and Corporate Billing
  • Interconnect Billing
  • Channel Partners and Resellers Billing
  • Payment Gateways real time Billing
  • Invoicing

– Automated invoicing

– Multiple charge types

  • Line Rental
  • CPE Rental
  • Excess Usage Charges

– Handle taxes at line item

– Customization of Invoicing templates

– Invoices PDF Email , on User portal and external northbound

– Recording Payments, manage debits and credits

  • Voucher Management

– Template based voucher generation

– Advanced and Real time voucher creation and distribution

– Voucher issuance by print, SMS , portal, email

– Flexible Voucher formats – with user name, password size, types etc.

– Vouchers linked to type of Service

– Voucher Inventory Management

– Voucher tracking, status check, cancelling voucher


Security and Monitoring

  • Security
  • Full State Firewall
    • IP filtering & firewall
    • Zone based configuration
  • Per Session Virtual Firewall
    • Personalize for each subscriber
    • Create toll-free or walled garden zones
  • Inter & Intra LAN Subnet traffic control
    • Block ARP between peers
  • Signed HTTP redirect to external portal
    • Useful to prevent tampering of redirect data
  • Secure HTTPS & SSH for management
    • Use self-signed or CA certificate
  • Monitoring and Content Filtering
    • Monitoring & Diagnostics
    • SNMP
    • CLI based monitoring
    • Packet Capture per port
    • Traceroute & Ping
    • Detect un-authenticate nodes
  • Logging & Reports
    • Event & Alarm to Syslog
    • Network alerts portlet in administrator dashboard
    • Unusual network events report
    • IP & MAC usage report
  • URL Logging
    • Snap HTTP URL & log with session-ID
    • Useful for Lawful Monitoring
  • Content Filtering
    • Filter out malicious sites using categories


Routing and Networking

  • Static & Dynamic Routing
    • RIP
    • OSPF & BGP* on select models
    • Policy Routing
  • Per Session Virtual Routing
    • Consult different route table based on which subscriber/service is being used
    • Personalize routing table
  • Multi WAN Link
    • Load balance traffic over multiple links
    • Link affinity per session
    • Policy route per session
    • Automatic link failure detection, switchover to surviving & recovery to upon rectification
  • Destination linked Service Types
    • Create new billable services by classifying traffic to specific destination networks
    • Maintain route tables per service type
  • IPv6 Support
    • Dual stack
    • DHCP v6
    • DNSv6
    • Network Discovery Protocol (NDP)
    • Stateful & stateless v6 config
  • IP Tunneling
    • GRE, IP-IP
  • IGMP Multicast support
  • Multiple Ethernet interfaces
    • GE, 10GE, optical options
    • Modular or fixed on board
    • Soft configure to LAN or WAN
  • VLAN & Virtual interfaces
    • Configure as required on any physical interface
    • Use VLAN to do service separation
  • DHCP & DNS
    • Server & Relay
  • NAT
    • Dynamic SNAT pools for 1-to-1 IP mapping based on authentication response
    • Portmap
    • ALGs for PPTP, IPSec, FTP, SNMP
  • PPPoE Server
    • Aggregate PPPoE clients
  • High Availability
    • Active-Passive (1+1) with stateful failover



  • Cloud based monetization
    • Centralized Management of Access points Captive Portal
    • Central Advertisement Server
    • Separate Captive Portal for every hot spot
    • Location Based services
    • Device based services
    • User data acquisition
    • Advertisement impression statistics
  • Local Access Point based Monetization
    • Works only with our own GT4UK brand Access Points
    • Low cost Monetization solution
    • Local storage of Advertisement and contents in Access Points
    • Cloud based Centralized Content Management System
    • Captive Portal local to AP’s
    • Advertisement impression statistics