Public Transport – Train, Aircraft, Bus Wifi Solutions

Internet on the go; with the growing pace of Technology, most of the markets are looking to introduce Wi-Fi on their transport systems. It would surely improve commuter’s satisfaction and will provide the opportunity to receive real time updates. Public transport enterprises like Buses, Trains, Aircrafts and Taxis want to provide Wi-Fi to their customers with control over data consumption and security on data access. They want to provide Wi-Fi connectivity to various access devices by maintaining the costs as well. Conduit’s bus wifi solutions or public transport wifi would be the next best option for all transport companies.

Still it’s not so much easy to get internet while on the go for most of the cities in various countries. Like others, it is also having the positive as well as negative sides. Security as well as relevant content delivery will be the most struggling phase for internet providers.

Conduit WiFi has unique set of offerings for public transport and right from security violation to the effective cost, we are there to help you understand your business and ready to provide you the best possible strategy on Wi-Fi deployment.

On the other hand benefits of Conduit’s Bus WiFi Solutions are:

  • Easy to use by operators and passengers
  • Fast and uninterrupted Internet access
  • Effective USP when compared to competitors
  • High profitability

If you are planning to architect your business with Wi-Fi on-the go, then Conduit will be the next best option that will provide you the best wifi solutions that would take care of your business process. Conduit delivers the best cost-effective wifi solutions for your transport business.

And if you are already having internet or Wi-Fi services running on your vehicles but are not satisfied we have the capability to improve your services with minimum investment.

Contact us and fill your basic queries or requirements as soon as possible.