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Wifi Access Points

Conduit Wifi deals in various Wifi Access Points which are subject to customer requirements. The factors on which we propose the Access Point to our customers are:

  • Indoor Access Point or Outdoor Access Point
  • Covered range
  • Number of concurrent users
  • Possibility of Interference
  • User Management – Captive Portal, SMS OTP, Content management, Bandwidth Management
  • Service Reliability expectations
  • Budget

We primarily deal with various and also have our own brand Wifi Access Point and 3G/4G sim card router.

GT4UK – Wifi Access point and 3g/4g Sim Card Router

GT4UK – Access point and router

This is our exclusive brand , designed in United Kingdom is a premier wifi access point and 3g/4g sim card router which comes with unimaginable functionalities in a single box at reasonable prices.

The key functions of this unit are:

  • High Range – up to 60 meters (accessibility)
  • Supports 250 concurrent users
  • Complete LAN, WAN Router.
  • Industrial Grade (dust resistant, shock proof)
  • High degree security
  • Diversity Antenna for interference management
  • Supports 3G, 4G Sim cards – up to 2 with link management
  • In built storage – 8GB to 128 GB SSD for storing and presenting local content
  • In built Captive Portal, SMS OTP Authentication, (no back end controller required)
  • Internet policy control – Bandwidth , Time limited access, file extension control, content download control and web site filtering.
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Advertisement and Content Management Server licenses available
  • Logging of IP packets and reporting.
  • Cost effective – Unbeatable price

This unit can be used anywhere for Indoor and covered outdoor environment and we have deployed thousands of units globally for various applications like:

  • Buses, Trains, Taxis and Aircraft’s
  • Retail shops, restaurants
  • Shopping centers, Malls, Airports
  • Enterprise offices

The various other Wifi Access Points and Wifi Controllers we deal with and have the capability to deploy are as shown below:

Wifi Access Points

We are flexible to deal in other customer recommended brands as well.